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Seatle Guide to Cultures

"Celebrating Diversity in Our Community"
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Greater Seatle Guide to Cultures

Community Magazine & Resource Guide Premier Edition

Vision Mission: To publish a "one source" magazine & guide bringing together Seattle's diverse ethnic groups to foster communications, connect people, and share ideas for the future; a fast and easy directory of valuable resources in print, on the web, and mobile.
Who we are? CBG USA NW LLC in Seattle will publish the Greater Seattle Guide to Cultures and Alaska Pacific Northwest Native Guide. Our members are Dr. Jeffrey Perkins, Jr., and Jim Cocallas of Anchorage. Founded in 1990, CBG USA for 27 years has published specialty guides and magazines. See our titles at: www.issuu.com/alaskapublications.
Premier Edition Closing July 7, 2017
Contact: Jim Cocallas
  • 907 727-7049
  • publish@ak.net
  • www.cbgusa.net

"FREE CIRCULATION" - 50,000/yr

Publishing in June and January each year. Free distribution across Seattle and King County via ethnic stores, restaurants, community centers, youth clubs, cultural events, news stands, art & literary groups, business leaders, and government officials.


1st Section

 Articles, Editorials, Demographics and Quick References. 

Summer '17
History of Seattle Ethnicities, historic areas, and buildings.

Winter '17
Leading Ethnicity and Cultural Groups "Today"

Summer '18
Seattle Culture and Arts "Looking Ahead" 

Winter '18
Changing demographics. Feature stories in each edition.

2nd Section

Culture Guide
Seattle ethnic resource directory includes ALL ethnic groups: 
African American, Alaska & Native American, Caucasian, Chinese, Hispanic, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Middle Easterners, Filipino, Pacific Islander, S.E Asia. Cultural content features community profiles and stories, including the LGBT-QIA community. 

It is a cooperative effort among all groups in the Greater Seattle Region with stories, customs, history, food, dance, blogs, and user curated content and activities!

3rd Section

Yellow Pages Directory
 Listings and advertising by category of services, products & resources, community cultural resources, and quick reference guide.


1. Request Free Listing:www.cbgusa.com/data/add
2. Free mobile page info: www.cbgusa.net
3. Magazine Library: www.issuu.com/alaskapublications | The online guide will be a hub for activities, events, issue discussions, stories, and blogs. Online advertising is available


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