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What are Mobile Pages? 

Today, there are more mobile
phones and tablets in use than desktop computers. Go Mobile Pages
brings together "Print" and "Mobile Web" content with local directory
information. Published twice each year the Kahala to Hawaii Kai
Mobile Pages is delivered via direct mail to 40,000+ households &
10,000 on street racks, mall venues and high traffic stores in t he area.

Why Advertise? Fast & Easy... Sent Direct to top tier
customers... Go Mobile Pages, in "Print" and with "Mobile" ready web
pages delivers your advertisements and mobile page fast and efficiently.
Customers find you on Web and in Print. 

Hawaii Filipino

"This would be great for our community".
"Very useful, good idea"... The Hawaii Filipino Directory is open for a local publisher partner:  Call Jimmy C at 808-206-7268 for details.  Our websites and publication is open to
ALL businesses in Hawaii and the Philippines.

Co-founders Nathan Abuan and Jim Cocallas are proud to bring the NEW
Hawaii Filipino Directory, (Magazine & Website) to Hawaii. For more than
27 years CBG USA Inc. (Hawaii Registered) has published specialty and ethnic guides since 1990. Our creations: Commercial Buyers Guide |Alaska International Trade Directory | Alaska Hispanic Director | Alaska Native Business & Resource Directory | Alaska Washington Native Directory | Alaska +Pacific Northwest Native Business & Resource Guide.
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